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Investor Dilemma: What to Buy In a Slow-Growth Economy?

The other day a client walked into the office of Josh Brown and asked, “Let’s say we’re at low growth and low interest rates for the next five years and you could only hold one thing, what would it be?” ... Full story

Value Stocks Can Reward Contrarians and Investors Who Take a Long View

During the great bull runs of the past two decades, finding value on Wall Street was child’s play. ... Full story

Smart Tax Planning Now: 22 Days of Tax Planning Advice for 2012—Update

A month long calendar of practical advice and strategic insights on a host of tax planning topics for advisors and their clients. ... Full story

Emerging Markets to Benefit From Treasurys Selloff: Mobius

The selloff in Treasurys will drive more money into equities, with a third of that likely to go into emerging market stocks, Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Market Group told CNBC on Tuesday. ... Full story

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Don't Forget, 2011 Started Promising, Too

If the steady gains and eerie calm so far this year on Wall Street feel familiar, it’s for good reason: nearly the same thing happened last year. ... Full story

Options and Taxes: Tax Treatment of Incentive Stock Options

As part of AdvisorOne’s Special Report, 22 Days of Tax Planning Advice for 2012, throughout the month of March 2012, we are partnering with our Summit Business Media sister service, Tax Facts Online, to take a deeper dive into certain tax planning issues in a convenient Q&A format. In this first article, we look at the tax treatment of an incentive stock option; future Tax Facts Online articles will address tax treatment of limited partnerships and various insurance vehicles. ... Full story

The Hunt for Higher Yield: Investors Pour Into Emerging Market Debt

The never-ending hunt for higher yield is leading investors to bet record amounts on emerging market debt. ... Full story

A Time Machine, Not a Trinket

The year was 1982. Driving rain pelted the windshield of our Cessna 180 as we approached Sheridan, a town of about 15,000 people on the eastern slope of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. From our February Issue. ... Full story

Cash-Rich Investors Look to Europe for Opportunities

U.S. investors are looking to Europe for places to park their spare cash, but opportunities may depend on the European debt crisis continuing, according to market participants on both sides of the Atlantic. ... Full story

Don't Buy Stocks in These Market Sectors in 2012

For most of last year, investors spent their time contemplating another recession in the U.S. and what impact the European debt crisis would have on U.S. stocks. This year, optimism abounds that the U.S. won't head into a recession despite the dangers that lurk in Europe. ... Full story

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