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Most & Least Taxing States 2013

How Taxing Is Your State? In the wake of the 2012 election, there are 35 state governments where a single party fully controls both the executive and legislative branches. That means taxpayers can expect volatility as Republicans and Democrats seek to make their mark on state tax codes, says Steven Roll, a state tax analyst with Bloomberg BNA. ... Full story

HUSSMAN: Wake Up, People--The Economy's Lousy And Earnings Are Going To Tank

Fund manager John Hussman of the Hussman Funds sounds the alarm again in his most recent weekly note. ... Full story

When To Fire Yourself

You are not burned out, exactly. But, you have been feeling for a while you’re in a rut and given the economy, your general workload and the fact that you are trying to have a life outside the office, it has been hard to break out it. There just hasn’t been time to do anything. ... Full story

MORGAN STANLEY: These 20 Stocks Will Do Awesome For Years

MORGAN STANLEY: These 20 Stocks Will Do Awesome For Years ... Full story

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5 Top Investment Themes For 2013

While I am optimistic about the prospects for continued growth in the U.S. economy (albeit sub-standard growth from a historical perspective) and for the stock market overall for 2013, I remain concerned that many of the same headline risks that were in place heading out of 2012 may still prove to be headwinds in 2013. ... Full story

Federalism in the EU.

Wish there was a country in North America that had that? Oh, wait.... ... Full story

We Asked Great Investment Minds How To Invest In Post-Recession America

The financial crisis that tanked global stock markets and sent unemployment surging began more than five years ago. But we're still very much healing. ... Full story

Extreme Sentiment: Barron's Cover "Get Ready for Record Dow - We Told You So"; Top Call

Looking for extreme sentiment? Look no further than the cover of Barron's magazine. ... Full story

GOLDMAN: Bond Market Investors Are About To Get Crushed

Goldman Sachs strategists have issued a big warning to clients hiding out in bond funds: You're about to lose your shirt. ... Full story

WALL STREET: Here's What The S&P 500 Will Do This Year

No one knows for sure what will happen next in the stock market. ... Full story

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