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Taking Options on a Daredevil CEO

Stock options are a critical element of CEO compensation and a recent study confirms that options have an effect on risk taking -- both dampening it and increasing it, depending on stock price. It's an issue that "should be factored into compensation structure by boards of directors." ... Full story

Don't Let This Happen to You: Robert Half Reveals Real-Life Examples of Interviews Gone Awry; Launches New Video Series

There are many ways to stand out in a job interview, but bringing an exotic bird instead of a briefcase to the meeting probably isn't the best option. Robert Half, the world's first and largest specialized staffing firm, frequently conducts surveys of hiring managers and workers, asking them to recount the biggest interview blunders they've witnessed or heard of. ... Full story

Focus vs. Hocus-Pocus at Alberto-Culver

The CEO of this nimble cosmetics company explains the advantages of a small size and a coherent strategy. ... Full story

Knowing Your Executive Talent—Critical Success Factor for Acquisitions

Sandra Davis, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of MDA Leadership Consulting, and David Nosal, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nosal Partners, discuss the importance of executive talent assessment to making an acquisition successful. ... Full story

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How companies can make better decisions, faster

Marcia Blenko, leader of Bain & Company's Global Organization Practice, explains how to put effective decision making at the center of your business. ... Full story

Feds Might 'Banish' More Execs for Misconduct, Attorney Says

Regulators' use of extrajudicial disbarment powers could be a game-changer for Pharma, other sectors, says LeClairRyan attorney. ... Full story

The Missing Link in Innovative Research

When the pipeline of technological breakthroughs has stalled, especially in industries like pharmaceuticals, midlevel managers may hold the key to R&D productivity. ... Full story

Next-Generation Product Development

Combining agile up-front processes with a lean approach to the back end can help companies outperform the competition. ... Full story

Steve Jobs: Create. Disrupt. Destroy.

Over the last few weeks, the technology sections of our newspapers have been abuzz with excitement and anticipation. As we have come to learn over much of the last decade, these feelings are fairly common in the time window leading up to a Steve Jobs announcement. ... Full story

The Leader's Best of Summer 2011 FUN: Lists for Fun and Relaxation

Even though leaders must continuously work on their self-development, (even during the summer) they should take time to relax and have fun. In this article, we are celebrating the spirit of summer fun with lists of the best of the best: best beaches, best vacations, best books, and best summer priorities (our own fun list). ... Full story

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