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Sometimes You May Not Want Them to Stay!

Even though many employees are unhappy, most are not looking for new jobs -- which means there could be an increase of presenteeism in the workplace. HR leaders need to be proactively identifying the employees they want to retain, and create reasons for them to want to stay. ... Full story

4 Features of a Bad Strategic Plan

A good strategic plan has become the foundation for effective and successful businesses. ... Full story

14 Things I Learned At Davos 2012

This was my eleventh trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. My posts from the last few years can be found here: 2011, 2010. This year felt more subdued and fearful than the last few -- a pall cast by the continually roiling European debt crisis. ... Full story

Strategy: An Executive’s Definition

What is a business strategy? It is the result of choices made to maximize long-term value. ... Full story

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The Impact of Performance Measurement

Where is your level of confidence when you go to the emergency room that you will get the correct diagnosis? While a report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality states between 10% and 40% of all diagnoses are wrong, a 1997 National Patient Safety Foundation’s patient study reported that two in five adults had been personally misdiagnosed. ... Full story

The Right Role for Top Teams

Analysis of informal networks offers a potent leadership model for the C-suite: Make top teams the hub of the enterprise, and watch performance improve. ... Full story

CEO to CEO: Our Roles Are Changing

It was an eventful and exciting week at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos last month, which was started with the backdrop of the ongoing Eurozone crisis that the region was battling with. ... Full story

The Science Side of Motivation: Evidence-Based Management

Contrary to popular belief, incentive pay has limited positive effect on performance of employees or executives. (From the February 2012 issue of PRESIDENT&CEO Magazine) ... Full story

The Dangerous Idea People

We must harness the Idea Monkeys for their good—and everyone else’s ... Full story

Ten Management Practices to Throw Overboard in 2012

Discover some new ways companies botch their relationship with employees in Liz Ryan's annual roundup of horrendous management practices ... Full story

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