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Let’s face it: We’re addicted to our devices.

As with all things, our cool gadgets and ubiquitous connectivity can be both curse and blessing. ... Full story

Happy Holidays for you Harley riders out there

Some fun gift ideas for those “of the hog.” ... Full story

I admit it: I really, really want one of these

It doesn't look as cool as one of those Star Wars thingys, but man, a flying car would be da bomb. ... Full story

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Do midmarket CEOs need protection?

Are bulletproof cars the new status symbol? ... Full story

This is getting ridiculous: Bullet-proof suits for execs?

Got angry creditors, employees, shareholders? Then you may want to check this out. ... Full story

Because it’s Friday: Glenmorangie Named 2014 World Whisky Of The Year

Raise a glass (or two) to a venerable, magnificent Scotch. ... Full story

Taking care of business…by taking care of yourself

Why our addiction to work is making us stupid, depressed, unhealthy, and is hurting our careers -- and what to do instead. ... Full story

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