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Pizza Wars: Chicago says “We was robbed!”

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Pizza Wars:  Chicago says “We was robbed!”

New poll suggests that Americans prefer New York style over Chicago style pizza.

Pizza! There's no question that Americans eat it, love it, and are even comforted by it. In a recent Harris Poll, Americans weighed in on what they like, don't like, and where to find the best. Pepperoni is tops on Americans' list of favorite pizza toppings. Anchovies, on the other hand, rank first on the list of least favorite toppings. And in the great debate over New York style versus Chicago deep dish, Americans may have an answer as New York is seen as the best state to get a good slice while Illinois lands second.

Paul Stukel, CEO of suburban Chicago-based President & CEO, decried the results of the New York vs. Chicago match-up.  “This is clearly another example of East Coast bias on the part of the media,” he said. “We Chicagoans demand a recount!  And don’t get me started on the whole pepperoni vs. sausage thing…”

“This is clearly another example of East Coast bias on the part of the media.”

The favorites
Pepperoni may be in the top spot, but it's certainly not the only thing Americans like to put on their pies. Sausage and mushrooms rank second and third, while a simple cheese pizza ranks fourth. Adults point to onions as fifth, olives in sixth, and bacon as their seventh favorite. Ham/Canadian bacon and pineapple are tied for eighth place, while peppers round out the top ten.

While the toppings may be the cherry on top, a solid foundation can make or break the meal. When it comes to crust style, there's no majority rule though a plurality (29%) prefer thin crust. A bit more distantly, adults turn to regular crust (18%), deep dish (15%), and stuffed crust (14%). Fewer than one in ten prefers thick crust (9%), French bread (4%), or Sicilian crust (3%).

Interestingly, generation appears to play a factor in preferred crust style: Millennials don't just want toppings on their pizza; they want it in their pizza! Stuffed crust is the number one pick for this group, while all other generations default to thin crust as their top choice.

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