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Ted Pryor Ted Pryor Ted Pryor is a Managing Director with Greenwich Harbor Partners and focuses on senior level executive recruiting in Media, Technology and Business Services.

Would You Hire This Person?

Companies must innovate to grow. But where do the new ideas come from? ... Full story

Positive Management for Maximum Results.

Reward Small, Incremental Milestones to Achieve Big Success. ... Full story

How to Get More Customers

Companies that have successfully relied on traditional marketing channels are scrambling to find talent who can help them into digital marketing channels. Getting to right talent with digital experience into your organization will get more customers. ... Full story

The Age of the Customer has Arrived

According to the 2013 IBM Survey of C-Suite Executives, “digitally enfranchised and empowered customers lead the agenda” for C-Suite business strategy in 2014. ... Full story

The Survival of Your Company Depends on the Creativity of Your Employees

Amazon says simply they want to be the most customer focused company in the world. They are about inspiring creativity, developing new markets and delighting customers, not maximizing book earnings to please stock analysts. With pervasive technology disruption, businesses must be creative to grow. ...  Visit website

Senior Executive Recruiting is not

Databases like Linked In and access to the internet in general, are fantastic tools for recruiting but represent 20% of the value an Executive Recruiter brings to our clients. ... Full story

My Five Favorite Apps

Senior Executives need more digital experience, starting with the CMO’s but including the CEO and the CFO. ... Full story

Your "Off Balance Sheet" Marketing Force

Accountants are extremely adept at measuring your assets and liabilities and calculating profits. But one major asset is ‘off the books’ and can be your most valuable marketing asset: the number of customers who are so delighted with your products and services that they actively recommend you to their friends and colleagues. ... Full story

A Career is Not a Marathon

A career is not a marathon. Nor is it a series of sprints. In fact, track analogies are relatively unhelpful. A successful track star runs on known terrain with a known distance and normally wins or loses by small fractions. Comparing a business career to a career of mountain climbing is more like it. There are many peaks to choose from and many challenges and setbacks along the way. No two mountain climbing careers are alike. The goal of getting to the top is easily stated, but success can only be achieved step by step with discipline, training and perseverance. ... Full story

Do You Know What Bad Profits Are?

If you do not know the difference between Good Profits and Bad Profits, then this article could change your career. ... Full story

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Ted Pryor
Ted Pryor
Ted Pryor is a Managing Director with Greenwich Harbor Partners and focuses on senior level executive recruiting in Media, Technology and Business Services including general management, sales, marketing and customer service. He has over ten years of experience as a senior executive at GE Capital and over 20 years of experience in corporate finance. Prior to executive recruiting, he served as CFO and CEO of a venture backed start-up company.

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