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Richard Weissman, CEO The Learning Experience

Richard Weissman grew his child education business from $17 million to $100 million in five years, and in the teeth of one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. We talk to him about leading during adversity. From the June 2013 of PRESIDENT&CEO Magazine. ... Full story

Seven Disciplines that Make Leadership Development Stick

Leaders don't always finish well or finish what they start. Leadership sustainability isn't easy. ... Full story

Phil Jackson's 11 Principle's of Mindful Leadership

Phil Jackson, considered one of the greatest coaches in the history of the National Basketball Association, has won 11 titles as a coach. The most in NBA history. Eleven Rings is a memoir that, for me, is more about leadership and relationships than basketball. ... Full story

Stop Reading Business Books And Start Reading Darwin

Remember Good to Great? Published in 2001 by Jim Collins, the book is pretty much required reading in the business world. It offers terrific examples of how 11 companies outsmarted, outran, and outdid the competition to sustain remarkable market success during a 15-year period. ... Full story

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Don't Let Your Ego Grow Bigger Than Your Influence

Ego can be one of the biggest barriers to creating real influence. Instead of naturally earning influence, people feel like they — or their companies — can influence others simply because they have 100,000 Twitter followers or a cool badge on their website. ... Full story

The Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders

Leadership and character are inseparable. In the Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders, philosophers Al Gini and Ronald Green, ask what is good leadership? They insist "that ethics, character, and virtue are essential to real leadership" and anything else is misleadership. ... Full story

In Search of Manufacturing Excellence

A discussion with recently-retired middle market CEO Terry Lutz about his life, his business, and his new book. ... Full story

Memo to the modern COO

Why is it so hard for organizations to understand what Tony did with customer service at Zappo's? ... Full story

Expanding capabilities, expanding markets

Allen Weh, CEO of CSI Aviation, talks about adaptation and constant change. From the May 2013 Issue of PRESIDENT&CEO Magazine ... Full story

Three Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Hierarchy

We may talk about eliminating hierarchy, but most organizations still have one. Frankly, it’s very hard to mobilize limited resources and diverse skills without someone taking charge. That’s why hierarchies have existed for thousands of years — from the days of the Pharaohs to the modern corporation. ... Full story

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