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My Five Favorite Apps

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Which are Your Favorites? Which are Your Favorites?

Senior Executives need more digital experience, starting with the CMO’s but including the CEO and the CFO.

In the next five years Gartner projects that CMO’s will spend more money on IT than the CTO as they seek new ways of connecting with their customers.  Marketers are beginning to talk about “Generation C” or those people of any demographic that are fully ‘connected’ and comfortable consuming more and more of their media on mobile devices and making more and more purchasing decisions based on information gathered on smart phones or tablets.

I recently interviewed a senior marketing executive that was coming back from a prestigious and well attended marketing conference.  The speakers are all looking down the black hole of internet marketing and asking the same question:  How do we get up to speed?  The answers were many and varied, but the simplest answer offered from the podium was “Start pushing buttons!”  A surprising number of senior executives, even in consumer facing industries, do not have Linked In or Facebook accounts.  The reasons given are reasonable:  security risk, lack of time, lack of relevance.  But your customers are online and you should be experimenting along with them. 

To help encourage more executives in “Pushing Buttons”, I am offering below my Five Favorite Apps.  I am going to count as given Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.   Linked In is great for keeping up with an extended network of business contacts.  Facebook is great for keeping up with friends and family and Twitter is great for curating your own newsfeed from interesting personalities.  Why not get Jack Welch’s, Barak Obama’s or Rupert Murdoch’s immediate personal take on the news?  Fellow Hawaiian, Guy Kawasaki is my favorite.  The key is to set up lists by subject or theme (e.g., "CEOs", "Journalists", "Cooking", "Lacrosse", "Business Gurus").  Youtube was once the province of Cute Kitty videos and Stupid Human videos, but now is a virtual encyclopedia of short videos including famous speeches, athletic events and television clips.  If you don’t have these Apps, then read no further, get them set up and begin to explore.

If all of these suggestions seem a bit obvious, then ask the nearest 23 year old what their Five Favorite App’s are and be ready to be surprised.  “Pushing Buttons” may lead you into entire new insights as to how to reach your customers.

My Five Favorite Apps

  1. Wall Street Journal.  It’s not a big secret, but do you have it on your iPad and your smart phone?  A quick call to WSJ Customer Service and they can link your digital subscription with your paper subscription.  If not the WSJ, then what are your favorite print news outlets? Get a couple of them onto your phone.
  2. Accuweather.  Also not a big surprise, but it is so much more handy than reading the paper, listening to the radio or waiting for the TV news rotation.  It includes various radar maps that have saved the day for us many times.  I can also keep track of my daughters’ weather in London and Ann Arbor.
  3. Uber.  Now I can call a cab on a busy day in NYC and track exactly where they are so that I can run downstairs just before they arrive with payment billed to an account and offering freedom from standing frustrated on a rainy street corner competing with tourists. 
  4. Homesnap.  At last I can take a picture of a house in most any neighborhood in the US and immediately see all the available real estate data:  square feet, recent sale prices, estimated value.  So it answers the eternal question: I wonder how much houses cost in this neighborhood?
  5. Vivino.  This App allows you to take a picture of a wine label, scans the information into your database, and gives you all the information it has on that wine including tasting notes, pricing and the nearest retail store or restaurant where it can be purchased.  You can correct any scanning mistakes (e.g. vintage)and enter your own tasting notes.  Any wines it doesn’t recognize can be submitted for review by Vivino staff.  As the database grows, crowd sourcing will improve the reviews and other data.     



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Susan 12/06/2013 17:03:15
Hey Ted, great article! Agree that CEO's need to pay attention, the world is changing fast. In addition to UBER, checkout LYFT. My son, Brian is working for them in Boston, giving rides to folks, in his spare time on the weekends. I have another favorite app: Goodreads, tracks what you're reading, interested in reading and might want to read!
Gale 10/31/2013 08:21:10
Mailbox is a useful app for overwhelmed email inboxes. You can organize all your emails on your phone into categories or delete them with a few swipes. I like IFTTT (If This Then That) too which enables you to tell your other apps how to interact You can program (without knowing anything about programming) to receive a text message if your Amazon shipping order changes. Or an alert when the first frost is expected in your area. Or arrange a fake phone call at a certain time. Very useful.
Ed Sanden 10/30/2013 12:15:34
Tedmund - great honest article. "You can run but you can't hide": this may help a lot of elder statesmen take the plunge and get wired. I'll bet your top 5 will change every few months!
There used to be some great websites that tracked and compared traffic. Alexa.com comes to mind.
Dawn 10/30/2013 10:57:44
I bet it was hard to narrow it down to 5 favorites.
susan 10/30/2013 09:49:12
Very good - gives new meaning to having your "finger on the pulse" - !
Gwen 10/29/2013 20:12:08
I LOVE UBER! Great article
Elizabeth Galt 10/29/2013 16:23:34
Excellent article, Ted. Thank you. Best, Elizabeth Galt
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Ted Pryor
Ted Pryor is a Managing Director with Greenwich Harbor Partners and focuses on senior level executive recruiting in Media, Technology and Business Services including general management, sales, marketing and customer service. He has over ten years of experience as a senior executive at GE Capital and over 20 years of experience in corporate finance. Prior to executive recruiting, he served as CFO and CEO of a venture backed start-up company.

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