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Scott Walker in the crosshairs

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Scott Walker in the crosshairs

It’s gonna be a long election cycle for conservatives.

The obvious bias of the mainstream media towards Democrats – and in particular Clinton, Inc. - is so well-documented and pervasive that it’s tiresome to keep pointing it out.  But point it out I must, given the stakes of the upcoming 2016 presidential election and the inherent advantage given by it to presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The upcoming tone of the media’s coverage was plainly telegraphed by two recent items:  the blanket coverage of a non-story involving Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin; and the non-coverage of a real story involving Clinton.

"The upcoming tone of the media’s coverage was plainly telegraphed by two recent items."

Walker has catapulted into the leading tier of GOP presidential contenders, due to his remarkable success as Governor and his proven success as a campaigner (having won three statewide gubernatorial elections in four years in purple Wisconsin).  As night follows day, of course, this has made him a target of the mainstream media.  To a certain extent, of course, this is fair.  Fresh candidates need to be vetted.  However, the media’s fulminating over a couple of “gotcha” questions regarding evolution and President Obama’s Christianity betrays an obvious desire to wound Walker well beyond policy and leadership qualifications. 

Walker’s response to the question “Do you believe in evolution” was to punt, basically saying that it really isn’t a question for politicians to answer.  (Why this was controversial is beyond me, given the fact that it is so obviously true – the theory of evolution is a scientific question above all, a question completely irrelevant to national politicians.  Compare this to President Obama’s response a few years back when asked about when human life begins.  He said “that’s above my pay grade,” when in fact, the science on when human life begins is actually settled.  So who’s anti-science again?)  And asked whether he thought President Obama was a Christian, he simply responded that he has never spoken to the President about the subject, and was, again, baffled why he should be asked about it. 

Well, the media went nuclear, arguing that Walker “isn’t ready for prime time” and that it called into question his qualifications to be President.  Good grief.

Contrast this to a real story involving Clinton.  It was revealed recently that not only is the Clinton Foundation, of which Hillary is a Board Member, changing its policy to allow for donations from foreign governments – a clear conflict of interest for an aspiring presidential candidate – but actually broke its agreement with the Obama administration by accepting such donations while she was Secretary of State.  The media outcry over the serious ethics lapse?  Crickets.

As I say, it’s going to be a long election cycle for conservatives. 

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