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China lets the mask drop

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China lets the mask drop

Those foolish enough to want a more “bi-polar” world order should take heed.

There are times – and this is one of them – when the true nature of China’s regime is revealed.

And that nature should worry those who foolishly yearn for an elevated role for China in world affairs.

Today, news comes that China is complaining that Western powers are being “rash” in blaming Russia and its proxies in eastern Ukraine for the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 last week.  From a CNBC.com report:

For China, there are no rules, there are no high-minded principles, there is only power.While the West ramps up pressure on Russia and its President Vladimir Putin over the downing of a Malaysia Airlines jetliner over eastern Ukraine, Moscow is finding some support from the East.

Since the weekend Chinese media have been highly critical of the approach of Western nations such as the U.S., saying in editorials that these countries have been too quick to point fingers at Moscow-backed rebels and implicate Russia for escalating violence.

In a weekend editorial, China's Global Times sided with Russia's perspective on the Ukraine conflict. "The real culprit to blame, in fact, is the chaotic situation in Ukraine following the Crimea crisis," it reads. "The Western countries have been active in advocating and supporting the 'democratic revolution' in Ukraine, so as to lure the country to become the frontier outpost of the West's geopolitical expansion. Ukraine has paid a huge price."

In China's eyes, the West bears responsibility for troubles in Ukraine – a view that shows Russia is not alone even as it becomes increasingly isolated.

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Nanjing03 08/26/2014 09:54:38
The PRC is in a unique position in the foreign policy front. As an emerging economic and military superpower, they can take sides to suit themselves as the situation dictates. On the heels of 9/11, the Peoples Republic of China identified with the United States and the West in general in forming a front against international Islamic Jihad. I was in China in 2003 and the wary consensus then was a "looming danger" from Islamists among China's "indigenous" population in their remote western regions. That may or may not be the consensus today, but I recall that our friendly interpreter, a one-time member of her local "Peoples' Militia refer to the old Soviet Union as China's "sometimes friend." She was my age (mid-40s) and certainly remembered the bad old days of the Cold War, proxy wars including Vietnam, and the threat of what could have been a global nuclear war.
Miro Markovic 08/26/2014 09:43:21
This is a stupidly written article. A typical western propaganda. No proof of any allegations. Just empty bla, bla, bla...Only a mentally retarded can take the statements here for their face value.
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