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The disintegration of Iraq: “Peace” strikes again

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The disintegration of Iraq: “Peace” strikes again

Have liberals ever cracked open a history book?

The effective invasion of Iraq by the terrorist group ISIL (Islamic State in Syria and the Levant) is a catastrophe for both the region and the United States.  Aided by the fecklessness and corruption of Iraq’s mainly Shia rulers, ISIL’s successful takeover of large swathes of Iraqi and Syrian territory presents the very real possibility of a well-financed, well-defended “safe haven” for one of the most brutal terrorist groups on the planet.

"All so President Obama could say that he ended the war.” And it all could have been avoided but for the Administration’s ideologically-blinkered and historically-ignorant determination to remove all troops from Iraq, thereby eliminating our influence and our deterrent capability.  All so President Obama could say that “he ended the war.”  

Well, Mr. President, although you and your supporters clearly haven’t learned the lesson – a lesson utterly obvious to anyone who has studied even a modicum of history – wars end when one side gives up.  Incredibly, it seems that the President’s war policy is a literal implementation of the old phrase “declare victory and go home.”  The real world isn’t like that, as we’re seeing throughout the region, and as we’ll almost certainly see in Afghanistan after the Administration effects its absurd decision to declare a complete troop withdrawal regardless of conditions on the ground.

Liberals tend to morph any – and I mean any – military action into Vietnam.  In this case, they’ve unwittingly been successful.  Although most on the Left view the US withdrawal from Vietnam and the subsequent victory of the communist North over the South as a vindication of their anti-war mania, what is frequently forgotten is that it was after we’d pretty much defeated the North Vietnamese militarily that we threw away that victory at the so-called “peace talks” and, subsequently, when in 1975 Congress voted to cut off all aid to the government of South Vietnam, leaving them helpless.  Had we held firm and continued to support the South Vietnamese government, even while pulling out most troops, the disaster that ensued could most likely have been avoided.  The same dynamic is happening in Iraq, with what appears to be the same result.

Pete Hegseth, a veteran of the Iraq war writing at NRO, provides a very clear and very convincing explanation of the damage done to both US interests and Iraq by the President’s policies (read the whole article).

Maintaining and advancing hard-fought gains in Iraq required a commander-in-chief with the resolve of George W. Bush. Instead, we elected a campaigner-in-chief who ignored the strategic implications of Iraq and rushed for the exits. The carnage we see in Iraq today is a direct result of this decision and, as we earnestly take stock of future options, we must remember this immediate past.

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Whatever one thinks of the war, and whatever one thinks of President Bush, President Obama’s handling of Iraq (as in so many other areas of foreign policy) has been a disgrace.  And the sacrifices both Americans and Iraqi’s made to secure victory by 2009 are being tragically lost as a result.  For those who believe that “it’s someone else’s fight,” I guarantee you that America is not insulated from this developing disaster.

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