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Managing Risk in Exports and Imports

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International Trade Risks

While foreign trade offers opportunities, it also introduces challenges. Doing business internationally presents a wide range of risks to businesses, creating uncertainty over receipt of payments and delivery of goods and services between both exporters and importers.

Major international trade risks

Commercial - Failure to meet product quality and quantity expectations, insolvency or nonpayment. 

Compliance - Adherence to U.S. and foreign government trade agreements and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) restrictions for countries subject to trade and economic sanctions. 

Currency - Exposure to unanticipated changes in currency exchange rates, diminished access to currencies, and government actions that affect currency convertibility. 

Documentary - Discrepant documents or nonconformance with contract or agreement requirements, resulting in transaction failure or payment delays. 

Economic - Unfavorable economic conditions which may adversely impact a buyer’s ability to accept the goods—including lack of financing or insolvency—or a seller’s ability to deliver goods. 

Political - Complications due to political developments that may impact the transaction, including war, riots, terrorism and embargoes.


For more information including questions to ask a prospective bank and what you should expect your bank to provide, read Managing Risk in Exports and Imports here

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