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Paul Stukel

Want to Be the Next Apple? Lose the Bafflegab: Virginia Postrel

Everybody, it seems, wants to be like Apple Inc. Google Inc. (GOOG) is buying Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., many observers say, so it can integrate hardware and software to be like Apple (and to enlarge its patent pool). ... Full story

Why Italy is a Game Changer

The sovereign debt crisis in Europe is not over ... Full story

The U.S. Auto Supply Chain at a Crossroads

Research at Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management examines an industry in transformation ... Full story

Seventy-One Percent of Employers Say They Value Emotional Intelligence Over IQ,

More than one-third of employers are placing greater emphasis on hiring and promoting people with emotional intelligence post-recession ... Full story

IBM Unveils Cognitive Computing Chips

IBM introduces first(1) computing core that combines digital "neurons" and on-chip "synapses" in working silicon. ... Full story

Global Industrial Manufacturing M&A Value Increases 70 Percent in Second Quarter

U.S.-Affiliated Deals Contribute 41 Percent of Total Volume and 66 Percent of Total Value ... Full story

Why China Is Right About Gold

China is arguably the oldest civilization on the face of the earth. A civilization, in the words of a famous historian, that has been astonishingly stable over time compared with others, such as European ones. ... Full story

CRM and Sales: If it's Broke, Fix it.

CRM systems are a reflection of the sales and marketing team. So when both are broken, should you fix the CRM first, or fix the organization first? The answer: Yes. ... Full story

How to Prevent Self-Inflicted Disasters

All too often, companies unintentionally create their own worst crises. With a little awareness of your organizational DNA, you can avoid that fate — and the headlines that go with it. ... Full story

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